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Desna Grey Shadow*PL

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She was born on 17th September 2007 in our cattery. Her parents are IC Rumford Red Sonia and CH Eco Blue Abicoon*PL.

This kitten, black as charcoal with a single spot of ginger with time started to change colors beautifully. At 11 months her fur reminds of black, fertile soil with scatteren fallen autumn leaves.
She's of strong built, with beautifully shaped head and rich, thick fur. And, what I like most in Maine Coons - this "pouting" and "angry" look in her face.

Since her birth, she is perk, agile and brave, but always friendly to all human- and catkind. Very talkative. Each new situation, location or event she has to comment aloud. She is very attached to me, loves to sit in my arms, to cling and purr.

She is very well-behaved during the competition, calm and unperturbed. She supports the exhibiting calmly and she is patient with the jury.

She brillantly completed the youngster exibition class (6-10 months) - 2 x BIS during the International Cats Exhibition in Sopot on 5-6th July 2008