Grey Shadow
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International Champion
Rumford Red Sonia
MCO d 09 22
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She came to our home on April 14th, 2004 from renowned American cattery - Rumford in Wisconsin. Sonia has beautiful colors: red with very distinctive classic markings, white paws, white belly from tail to chin and extra long tail with creamy rings. She has very nicely set, big ears with tufts, lovely profile, strong chin and long body. Grey Shadow - Maine Coon cattery Despite coming from the fareway place, she got accustomed to the new place very quicky . She is very curious about everything what is going on around her, open to new experience and adventures. She is a typical "lap" cat, she loves to be cuddled and petted. Her favourite place is human arms - being there she purrs continuously. My dream to have a purring cat came true - Sonia does it willingly, loudly and often.
Her friendly character helped to make friends with my older female - Bajra, which took position of the mentor and the tutor. She found a very clever pupil in Sonia, so mastering of all household rules went quickly and flawlessly.