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Bajra Koci Szarm*PL
11.07.2001 - 12.03.2018

Cancer scattered in the abdominal cavity did not leave any choice...
Farewell my Friend. Thank You for the 16 years and 5 months together. I promissed You to meet again. Wait for me...
I want to remember you like on this picture.

Rumford Red Sonia
08.01.2004 - 31.05.2019

Fulfilled „american dream”. Over 15 years ago this ideal MCO crossed the Atlantic Ocean to live in my home. Calm and delicate Cat Lady in every inch.
She left leaving terrible emptiness in my heart.

Runa Ilim Line
24.09.2017 - 01.08.2019

You left too early, so sudden . Good bye my beautifull, green-eyed russian princess.
I miss you so much.