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We saw the Maine Coon cats for the first time many years ago during our stay in the States. We were charmed by impressive look of these cats: a gorgeous fur, a powerful body, a dictinctive glance of sligtly slanting eyes and a charming charakter.
But it took some time before our dreams of becoming the owners of such a cat came true.
In October 2001 we were visiting The Warsaw Pure-Bred Cats Show. Our eyes were fixed on a small creature MCO breed sweetly sleeping in a little hammock in a show cage. We took a tour on a show looking at all cats of this breed but we kept returning to this particular kitten. Family council didn't take long and the decision was taken quickly: the next day 3.5 month old MCO female kitten from Mrs Zofia Jankowska's cattery Koci Szarm*PL became a member of our family.
I registered the cattery in FIFe in 2003 under the name of The "Grey Shadow"
The cattery's name came to me while I was looking at Bajra slipping by the house like black and grey shadow.

I am a member of Cat Club No Problem (FPL)
Since April 2013 I am a member of Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association

Our cattery is under the veterinary care of
Mr Piotr Jurka DVM PhD, assistant professor (Ginvet clinic).