Grey Shadow
hodowla kotów Maine Coon
Parents: CH Desna Grey Shadow i EC Filon Kocurro*PL
Born 29.07.2009

Flynn, Fenris, Floyd, Finna, Finlay, Faylinn, Finndis, Fechin
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Rainbow litter

Wake me up only for meals

Somwehere here there is 3rd volume of encyclopedia...

Mom don't yell at me, it's a child abuse!

Hold me!!!!!

You mess up with MY child, you deal with ME...

sisters are to make brother's life comfortable

I swear, this story is true!

One more word and I will beat you up!
Feeding 8 kittens...

at the age of 3 days is a pleasure

at the age of 6 weeks is inconvenient but for sustaining

at the age of 3 months... HELP!!!
Feeding adult cats when 8 kittens are at home