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We don't have kittens now

Pet kittens are leaving cattery already nutered/spayed.
While leaving our cattery all our kittens are:
  • at least 14 weeks old;
  • litter and scratching post trained
  • twice dewormed and twice vaccinated against common cat diseases
  • equipped with "farewell kit": health book, pedigree, favourite toy and small towel with nest scent
Kittens are raised in our bedroom, adapted to the needs of the little ones (cat's toys, scratching post, shelves to climb, special cat's beds). After they are fautlessly litter trained, which comes at the age of around 5-6 weeks, the rest of the house is also available under our (and their mom) strict supervision.
A lot of time and attention is paid by us to have our kittens properly socialized with people, accustomed to the house, it's furnishings, household activities and noises. Kittens from our cattery are inquisitive, people-oriented and playful - they more easily adapt to new homes.
Cat's health is also very important in our cattery - our females are tested against FIV and FelV diseases with negative result. Kittens and their mother are under constant veterinary supervision. We carefully choose partners for our females taking into consideration their health, line and character.
We are ready to answer any questions and to assist the new owners of our pupils with advice.