Grey Shadow
Maine Coon cattery
Bajra Koci Szarm*PL
MCO n 23
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Bajra is a black and grey mackerel female, very strongly build (around 6 kG), golden-green eyes and long, typical for Maine Coon lynx tips on her ears. She also has extra long whiskers on her feline face. She is so called "wild look" MCO type - this means that when she squints her eyes she looks like a little lynx.
She has an excellent character: sedated, affectionate, very talkative and people-oriented. Her manners are impeccable - she knows perfectly house rules and ideally adaptes to them. Few bans from my side are always respected but also always "commented" upon in a special Maine Coon voice. Using different voice (it is not an ordinary miaow) intonation she can express many of her wishes and requests.
No household activity can be without her active "cooperation" or at least very strict and close supervision. She loves to cuddle and to be petted. Quite often she has a mood for a moment of craziness and play and she demands our participation in it. During such moments rugs and some chairs change their usuall places. A "Grey shadow" becomes then a "grey tornado".
She is a wonderful mother raising her offsprings with love, care and thoroughness but also teaching them rules of "Good Cat's Manners" with iron paw.
She has found place for good in our hearts.
Spayed, stays in cattery.